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How to share news of a mutual friend's death: ':-( Bobby's DOA. RIP!'

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In a hyper-connected world filled with over-sharing, when it comes to the bad news of a friend's death, you are more likely to learn about it through a text message, email or on Facebook than from a phone call or even face-to-face.

With an abundance of communication media, what is the etiquette of sharing news of someone's death?

Advice columnist Amy Alkon says "People tend to sneer at email and text message as lesser forms of communication, but it can be done tactfully and is even preferred by some." Alkon counsels that if you must use text or email to impart the bad news, make sure to offer a phone call, as well. In years past, even a phone call would seem rude and impersonal, "but that is not the pace of the world we live in today," Alkon adds. 

How have you handled sharing the bad news of a friend's death? And has it ever been mishandled by people in your life?


Amy Alkon, Author of the science-based book "Good Manners for Bad People who sometimes say F*CK"