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Bobcat trapping ban belies thriving hunting tradition, management in California

A hunter aims and prepares to shoot a wild duck
A hunter aims and prepares to shoot a wild duck

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Despite the significance of banning bobcat hunts in California, the interest and management of hunting in the state is thriving.

Wildlife biologist Dan Yparraguirre with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is passionate about maintaining healthy wildlife populations and helping responsible hunters navigate when and where Californians can hunt for deer or waterfowl, pronghorns or wild pig.

"Miscreants get all the press, but most hunters do nothing wasteful with animals. There is a lot of skill in hunting big game wary of predators, so hunters know the importance of conserving those resources."

With the popularity of the "eating local" movement, even more city slickers are choosing to take responsibility of sourcing food through hunting.

What are the most popular game hunts in California? How do wildlife officials keep track of population numbers? How are waterfowl faring during the drought?


Dan Yparraguirre, Wildlife biologist and Deputy Director, Wildlife and Fisheries Division, California Department of Fish and Wildlife