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Calling all writers, artists, musicians: How do you overcome your creative block?

"I Can't Think"
Alyssa L. Miller via Flickr

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Gin was the supposed cure of choice for F. Scott Fitzgerald.

John Steinbeck told a blocked George Plimpton working on a story on Marianne Moore that he needed to pretend he wasn’t writing to his magazine editor or a reader, but to someone close to him, like a friend, a sister.

Then there are others, who cannot sit down to create without first engaging in some sort of ritual. Take Salman Rushdie, who had a day job while writing “Midnight Children” and took a bath every Friday night before hitting his desk to, he said, “wash the week’s commerce away, and emerge - or so I told myself - as a novelist.”

Call us at 866 893 5722 and let us know what’s your cure for defeating writer’s block - or do you think it’s a myth?


Kate Maruyama, novelist whose novel “Harrowgate” came out in 2013. She teaches fiction writing at Antioch University Los Angeles, Writing Workshops Los Angeles, as well as Inspiration2Publication, an online writing workshop