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A guide on how to get along with your fellow airline passenger this summer

Are you up to date on flight etiquette?
Are you up to date on flight etiquette?
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Less legroom and fewer amenities are the new normal of air travel. And the increased stress makes proper flight etiquette all the more important.

To that end, JetBlue has recently rolled out four in-flight public service announcements reminding flyers to be on their best behavior when aboard a flight. One video shows a passenger who opens up a can of tuna on a flight. Another features a voluble oversharer who wouldn’t leave her fellow passenger alone.

A record number of people are expected to fly this summer. How do you prepare yourself for a long flight? What flight horror stories do you have?


Scott McCartney, author and creator of the weekly Middle Seat column on airlines and travel in The Wall Street Journal. He also writes the Middle Seat Terminal blog. His latest piece looks at flying etiquette