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LaBonge makes the case for testing Griffith Park's Hollywood sign access

A hiker at the corner of Durand Dr. at Griffith Park.
A hiker at the corner of Durand Dr. at Griffith Park.

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A pilot program to open a path for motorists through Griffith Park to the iconic Hollywood Sign is pitting neighborhood groups against cyclists against tourists against hikers against other neighborhood groups - you get the idea.

While congestion is no stranger to residents of Los Angeles, an internecine conflict between those who live on Beachwood Canyon and those who live near and recreationally use Griffith Park has flared up because of the pilot program. Slated to last until April 12, the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks is administering the program to assess overall congestion and how to alleviate concerns related to burgeoning tourism.

Should Griffith Park be open to increased traffic and parking from people who want to look at the Hollywood Sign? How can the city reconcile tourism dollars with resident protections?


Tom LaBonge, Los Angeles City Councilmember for the 4th district, stretching from Sherman Oaks through Griffith Park down to Miracle Mile

Joe Salaices, Superintendent, Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Los Angeles