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LA budget watcher exposes 'excessive' workers’ comp claims by cops, firefighters

Police officers on duty on July 8, 2006.
Police officers on duty on July 8, 2006.
Cathy Cole/FLICKR

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Excessive workers’ compensation claims from Los Angeles city police and firefighters are costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars a year, according to an audit done by City Controller Ron Galperin.

The audit showed costs of work injuries have gone up 35 percent in the last five years and account for over 60 percent of the city’s workers’ comp claims, and Galperin says that the city could save $28 million a year by cutting back workers’ comp claims for things like back injuries or everyday injuries that occur from sports. In total, 29,000 claims were made and over $800 million was paid out between the 2010-2011 fiscal year and the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

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Ron Galperin, Los Angeles City Controller