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As office space shrinks, workers make do with less... privacy

New Office
New Office
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Hiring is finally picking up in California seven years after the Great Recession, and one problem facing companies wanting to expand is where to put all the new bodies.

Instead of moving to a new and bigger office, some employers have opted to squeeze more people in an existing space. In the 1970s, 500 to 700 square feet per employee was thought to make an ideal office environment. That number, according to a projection from 5 years ago, would shrink to about 50 square feet in 2015.

What kind of office environment do you work in? How do you deal with noise and distraction?


Peter Miscovich, Managing Director of Strategy and Innovation at JLL, a professional services firm that manages over 1 billion square footage of commercial real estate globally

Christine Congdon, Director of Research Communications at Steelcase, an office design firm. She is based in New York City.