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GoDaddy Super Bowl ad pull begs question: Is outrage becoming a bigger factor in ads?

"Superbowl Veg-Out"
Mike Licht, via Flickr

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The countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is on and while some are gearing up for the football game itself, others are just excited for the commercials. This year, several companies released teasers or even full versions of ads they plan to air during the game.

One of these was from, a company that sells domain names and sparks yearly discussion over their often controversial Super Bowl commercials. After releasing a preview of one ad slated to run during the big game, GoDaddy announced yesterday that it would not air the commercial because of backlash from animal rights activists. Titled, “Journey Home,” the commercial shows a lost puppy’s journey to reunite with its family, only to find out upon returning that the family sold the puppy on a website they created with GoDaddy.

How does viewer outrage factor in to the campaign for attention? Do people really get offended by content in TV ads?


Rama Yelkur, Ph.D., Dean and Professor at the College of Business and Management at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan.

Anita Newton, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Adknowledge, a digital advertising technology company that focuses on video advertising.