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NYE: Is Grand Park LA’s Times Square?

Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles.
Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles.

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In New York City, the ball drops at midnight in Times Square. But three hours later, when 2015 arrives in Southern California, where do we convene? Los Angeles is the city of private pools and private parties, not massive public gatherings in a civic center. Until last year, anyway, when 10,000 people were expected to show up in Downtown LA’s Grand Park, and 25,000 came out. The gates were shut before midnight to keep the park at capacity.

Grand Park played host to the summer’s massive Made in America festival. And now another New Year’s Eve, with triple the expected attendance, and the DJs, food trucks and 3D video projections on City Hall to keep the crowd lively. Has LA arrived with a New Year’s party befitting its megalopolis status?

Perhaps. But why does it close down at 12:30am? Before you go, here are the basics. Metro runs free until 2am, and service continues at normal rates until dawn. A bike valet will be located at Hill and 2nd Street. No alcohol will be sold on site and no outside booze is permitted in.

For the night owls, there are many other parties around town. Where are you headed? Let us know in the poll.

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Jean Trinh, associate editor for the website LAist