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Holiday grub: Culinary inspiration from LA Times food maestros

Photo by Dan McKay via Flickr Creative Commons

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From capons, duck, ham and lamb to nut loaf, gluten-free cakes, but maybe not gluten-free cookies, LA Times food editor and kitchen director, Russ Parsons and Noelle Carter, join us for our annual tips and tricks for your holiday fare. Results are in from their yearly holiday cookie bake-off and the winners are mouth watering. The top ten includes ingenious macarons filled with white chocolate peppermint ganache and classically decadent maple pecan pie bars.

If you aren't quite ready for dessert, Russ can walk you through preparing the perfect roast beef, keywords: low, slow and salt.

As we zip ever closer to 2015, they also have ideas for New Year's Eve party snacks, such as a delectable eggplant dip.

What is on your menu? Do you need extra encouragement for experimental dishes? You can also tweet to Russ and Noelle using #LATHoliday.


Russ Parsons, Food Editor, Los Angeles Times

Noelle Carter, Director of the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen