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Debating Proposition 45: Power over health-insurance rates

A picture of a piggy bank, a stethoscope and a wad of bank notes.
A picture of a piggy bank, a stethoscope and a wad of bank notes.
Photo by 401(K) 2012 via Flickr Creative Commons

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Next week, California voters will decide whether the state insurance commissioner should have the power to regulate health insurance rates, with the exception of employers' large group plans. It was 1988, when voters passed a similar initiative regulating power over automobile and homeowner policy rates. The ballot's author, Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog, argues: "The public wants accountability and transparency for the skyrocketing rates being charged." Opponents say it is risky to place all the power with one government agency, adding more bureaucracy and costs to health care.

What do cost analyses show? How has the California Insurance Commissioner handled rates for cars and homes?

Prop 45 FAQ: What it will do, who's funding it and more


Jamie Court, Author of Proposition 45;  President, Consumer Watchdog

Dario Frommer, Former California Assembly Majority Leader and Assembly Health Committee Chair