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How long would you go without washing your car? #DirtyCarPledge wants to know


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The Los Angeles WaterKeeper has put out a new campaign calling on Angelenos to stop washing their cars for a month so that water can be conserved.

In hopes that the campaign will go viral, the non-governmental organization is asking people to sign a pledge not to wash their cars and is mailing a static cling (read: removable) car sticker to those who do. The organizers and other water conservation activists are fighting to bring more visibility to California’s drought as dirty cars and their #DirtyCarPledge stickers permeate LA streets.

Commercial car washes on average use 56 gallons of water per vehicle,  and at-home washes average 85 gallons. The goal is to save millions of gallons as those who pledge cut down from washing their car every two weeks to once per month.

Would you be willing to keep your car unwashed for a month? Is the status associated with having a clean car more important than conserving water? Could defying social norms become a popular trend?


Rachel Stich, communications manager, LA WaterKeeper, a water conservancy group based in Santa Monica

Rosemarie Molina, strategic director at the CLEAN Carwash Campaign, which is working to raise carwash workers’ standard of living in Los Angeles