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Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House

"Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House” by Peter Baker is now out in paperback.

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In Days of Fire, New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker chronicles the history of one of the most consequential presidencies in modern times through the figures of George Walker Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews with key players, and thousands of pages of never-released notes, memos, and other internal documents, Baker paints a riveting portrait of a partnership that evolved dramatically over time, from the early days when Bush leaned on Cheney, making him the most influential vice president in history, to their final hours, when the two had grown so far apart they were clashing in the West Wing.  


Peter Baker, Chief White House Correspondent, The New York Times; Author, “Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House” - now out in paperback