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The Keillor Reader: stories, essays, and more from the man behind A Prairie Home Companion

"The Keillor Reader" by Garrison Keillor.

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Garrison Keillor’s new book, “The Keillor Reader,” is a glimpse into the storyteller’s life and work. It’is a collection of stories, poems, essays, and memoir. Some of the work is excerpted from novels, magazines, and newspapers, including The New Yorker and The Atlantic.

The book also contains photos and memorabilia -- an artistic look at Keillor’s world. Keillor’s style, a mix of fantasy and truth, rings true in the collection. Keillor joins AirTalk in studio to discuss the book and his history of storytelling.

Interested in seeing Garrison Keillor? Keillor will be performing at the Greek Theatre on June 6 and hosting two book signings in the Los Angeles area in West Hollywood and Malibu on June 7. More information can be found on Keillor's website. 


Garrison Keillor, author of The Keillor Reader, Lake Wobegon Days, Happy To Be Here, and more; host of A Prairie Home Companion and contributor to Time magazine