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Dangerous Rhythm: Why Movie Musicals Matter

"Dangerous Rhythm: Why Movie Musicals Matter" by Richard Barrios.

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Think movie musicals and most people might think Singin’ in the Rain or The Sound of Music. It might not be as dominant a movie genre as before, but the musical is still alive and well in cinema today.

In "Dangerous Rhythm: Why Movie Musicals Matter," historian Richard Barrios explores movie musicals from the first hit, the Jazz Singer, to present-day examples like Chicago and Les Misérables, providing a history of the genre, as well as a touch of backstage gossip of some of its biggest stars.  


Richard Barrios, author of “Dangerous Rhythm: Why Movie Musicals Matter” (Oxford University Press, 2014). He’s also the author of “Screened Out: Playing Gay in Hollywood from Edison to Stonewall” (Routledge, 2005)