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'From Scratch' goes behind the scenes at the Food Network

Allen Salkin's 'From Scratch: Inside the Food Network'
Allen Salkin's 'From Scratch: Inside the Food Network'

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Twenty years ago, the Food network was a scrappy TV startup with a newfangled plan to broadcast cooking shows around the clock. In "From Scratch: Inside the Food Network," writer Allen Salkin shows readers how the network has tweaked its recipe over the years to become a billion-dollar media monolith. 

From the origins of Emeril Lagasse's "Bam!" catchphrase to the latest Paula Deen scandal, Salkin dives into controversies, rivalries and a host of little known facts that shed new light on the celebrity chef-fueled cable powerhouse.

With all of its larger than life personalities, the Food Network has been home to its fair share of drama. Which stars got along and which clashed?

Do you watch the Food Network? How do you think it has changed TV--and the way you look at food?


Allen Salkin, Author, “FROM SCRATCH: Inside the Food Network”; former New York Times reporter