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There’s an app for that: How today’s youth deal with tech overload

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Want to find a place to eat? Read the news? Talk to you friends? Do you need a flashlight? Well there’s an app for all of that. But how does having everything you need at your fingertips (literally) affect creativity?

Harvard psychologist Howard Gardener and media expert Katie Davis teamed up to answer that question and to find out how the so called “app generation” is affected by having grown up with the amount of technology we use today.They focus on the three aspects of adolescent life they deem most important: identity, intimacy and imagination. 

How does technology affect young people’s sense of identity? What effect does social media have on relationships in real life? Do apps make us more or less creative? “The App Generation” explores all of those questions and comes up with answers that are more complicated than you might expect.


Katie Davis, co-author of “The App Generation: How Today's Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World” (Yale University Press, 2013) and Assistant Professor at The University of Washington Information School.