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Command and Control: Strategies behind nuclear weapons

"Command And Control"

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Eric Schlosser’s book “Command and Control” examines every aspect of nuclear weapons and risks. Schlosser dives into the potential problems with the command and control that were supposed to provide Presidents with essential information against potential strikes.

Schlosser looks to a crucial moment in the history of the American nuclear program: the crisis in Damascus, Arkansas where a Titan missile exploded in a blast. From research, eyewitnesses Schlosser pulls together a detailed account of what happened and what cause the event.

The book explores the history of American strategic thinking when it comes to nuclear weapons and gives ample examples of near disasters of bomb scares. What is the ongoing development of war weapons? How do we get rid of and store these weapons safely? Schlosser answers those questions, but also keeps a level of optimism that despite the dangers the human race is not doomed because of these deadly weapons.


Erick Schlosser, journalist and author of “Fast Food Nation” and “Command and Control”  

Schlosser will be at The Crawford Family Forum tonight at 7pm.