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California teacher training programs fail miserably, according to new study

A math professor teaching a calculus class.
A math professor teaching a calculus class.
Barbara Kinney/Flickr

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The National Council on Teacher Quality and the U.S. News and World Report published a new study today slamming teacher training programs in California as some of the worst in the nation. The reports singles out UCLA and Loyola Marymount University for having the most subpar programs among the more than 20 some California schools that were examined. UCLA’s elementary school teacher training program got a one-star rating and its high school program received 1 ½ stars. Both LMU and UCLA say that the report is flawed and question its methodology. USC did not participate in the study.

Is the study an accurate reflection of the state of teacher training? Teacher training degrees can cost up to $116,000 according to the study. Are they worth the price tag? What can be done to improve the quality of teacher training?

Sandi Jacobs, Vice President of the National Council on Teacher Quality

Megan Franke, Chairwoman of the Department of Education at UCLA