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The daily routines and quirks of inspired artists

Mason Currey's book
Mason Currey's book "Daily Rituals" chronicles the routines of famous artists.
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Many know all too well the feeling of staring at a blank computer screen, cursor blinking, as your hands fidget with nearby objects. Your mind is racing, unable to focus, yet it is absolutely blank at the same time. You type in some words. Delete. And repeat. Well, rest assured that you are not the only writer who has ever suffered from writers’ block.

Writer and former editor Mason Currey found himself in the same dilemma while working on a writing project. His preferred method of procrastination that day was to research what other writers have done to focus, and he ended up discovering strange habits of famous writers. Currey’s new book, “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” is a collection of 161 routines of famous artists. Ranging from strange habits to helpful ones, Currey joins AirTalk to discuss how he cured his writers’ block.

Are you a writer or artist? How do you force yourself to be inspired? What rituals do you have? What works and what doesn’t?


Mason Currey, writer and author of “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work”