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What you need to know about the June 5 election

California voters go to the polls tomorrow.
California voters go to the polls tomorrow.
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Tomorrow, voters in California go to the polls for a series of local, state and federal positions.

It's the first test of the state's new open primary system which was voted in via Prop 14 in 2010. Voters can now cast their ballot for any candidate in U.S Congress and state legislature races regardless of party. Californians will also be voting on two initiatives. Prop 28 -- to amend California legislature term limits - and Prop 29 which would introduce a tax on tobacco to fund cancer research.

The initial stage of the District Attorney race will also take place on Tuesday, along with voting on a number of local measures. This includes the board of supervisors race in San Bernardino and the possible recall of three Fullerton City Council members in response to the beating death of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton last year. AirTalk previews the campaigns and the races ahead of polling day.


Frank Stoltze, KPCC reporter

Bob Stern, “former” president of the Center For Governmental Studies (ask him for an update on his title) and good governance expert

Thad Kousser, Associate Professor of Political Science, UC San Diego

Sherry Bebitch-Jeffe, Political analyst and senior fellow at USC’s School of Policy, Planning and Development

Steven Cuevas, KPCC’s Inland Empire Reporter