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Make way for the Groomzilla!

A sophisticated groom.
A sophisticated groom.
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When weddings were always paid for by the bride’s parents, planning for that event was the sole responsibility of the bribe (and her mother!). But as gender roles shift and more couples are paying for weddings themselves, men have become more involved in wedding planning and that’s where Sophisticated Groom comes in. The quarterly magazine opens up the sacrosanct world of wedding planning to the soon-to-be husbands with ideas for the perfect proposal, great honeymoon destinations or wedding fashion dos and don’ts. Sophisticated Groom also offers relationship advice or financial tips to ensure that the fiancé’s attitude is as groomed as his look or as well adjusted as his tie. For all its promise though the magazine is a risky venture to say the least. Men may want to keep track of the cost of the wedding or weigh-in the choice of wine but will they really buy a magazine that tells them about linens and china patterns? Or are the publishers hoping that women will buy it for their prospective spouses? If you are a guy getting married, how involved are you in the wedding planning and are you a good candidate for a magazine like this?


J. Kevin Powell, Publisher of Sophisticated Groom magazine