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Parents to kids: Go the F**k to Sleep – but don’t effin cuss!

Go the F**k to Sleep
Go the F**k to Sleep
By Adam Mansbach

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Adam Mansbach’s satirical children’s book Go the F**k to Sleep is causing quite a deal of controversy among parents. Some find the book an appropriately hilarious and even healing take on the nightly bedtime saga, while others believe it’s unnecessarily verbally abusive. The book is definitely intended for adults – so it’s unlikely that even the biggest fans would read it to their impressionable offspring. But it does raise the topic of cussing in front of kids. Some parents take a hard stance against such language – barring expletives and doling out serious punishment for any infractions. Others take a more progressive position, believing that there are no “bad” words and a certain amount of colorful language is just fine (JESUS!). Somewhere in the middle might be families that institute something like a “swear jar” for members to throw money into when tongues have strayed. Naturally, there’s only so much parents can do. Kids’ from the “cleanest” homes might come back from the neighbor’s swearing like sailors. When it comes to the mouths of babes, where do you draw the line? Do you cuss in front of your kids? Can they let it rip in front of you? Or do you have a zero tolerance policy in your household? If so, do you expect your kids to do what you effin say but never repeat it? How do you control outside influences, such as TV, music and peers? And for those without kids, do you censor yourself around other peoples’ little ones?