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What does a government shutdown mean for YOU?

What will happen to regular folk if the government shuts down?
What will happen to regular folk if the government shuts down?
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If the Democrats and Republicans in Congress can't make a budget deal by the end of the week, the U.S. may be headed for a government shutdown. What would that mean for the average American? Should we be worried about Social Security checks being issued, national parks staying open, the U.S. Post Office delivering mail? And what about renewing passports? Government shut downs are not new – there was one every year during President Jimmy Carter's term and they happened six times during President Regan's two terms in office. But analysts say shutdowns are no joke. Given the precarious state of the economy today, could this one have a greater impact?


Stan Collender, budget expert and partner at Qorvis Communications (a corporate communication consulting firm), he has worked on the House and Senate Budget Committees, and edited Federal Budget Report, a newsletter that was published for almost two decades.

Paul C. Light, Professor of Public Service in the Robert Wagner School of
Public Service at New York University