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For nearly 50 years, residents of Pasadena and Alhambra have been at odds, fighting over the building of a freeway. At the center of the debate is a 6.2-mile gap between the 210 and the 710 freeways, originally intended to connect. However, this break runs through a historic, tree-lined neighborhood of California Craftsman homes in South Pasadena. Residents there vehemently oppose the building of a freeway through the area, but traffic-weary residents of nearby Alhambra, think it would bring relief. Earlier this month, Congress approved $2.4 million to study the possibility of extending the freeway with a five-mile, $2-billion tunnel. Larry Mantle talks with Bill Bogaard, Mayor of Pasadena, David Margrave, South Pasadena City Councilman, and Mark Pisano, Executive Director of Southern California Association of Governments, about the feasibility of such a tunnel and the impact it would have on surrounding communities.