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Brilliant And Engaged Kids At Hobart Elementary School

Star teacher Rafe Esquith joins host Larry Mantle to discuss his voyage through the LA public school system. Esquith's classroom at Hobart Elementary School defies expectations for students coming from a violent and poor area of Los Angeles. His students score in the nation's top ten percent of standardized tests; they go on to study at Ivy League schools. Rafe's students read Ibsen, Shakespeare and Chekhov. They perform Shakespeare, do art, and listen to classical music as well as rock 'n' roll. Rafe Esquith joins Larry to talk about what it takes to so inspire and motivate his students in today's public school system, and about his book There Are No Shortcuts: How an Inner City Teacher - Winner of the American Teacher Award - Inspires His Students and Challenges Us to Rethink the Way We Educate Our Children.