Parents and teachers: Have you had an experience with preschool suspension or expulsion?


Preschoolers get suspended or expelled from school at higher rates than students in upper grades. Some studies show expulsion rates for preschoolers at more than three times that of K–12 students. The rates are higher for African-American and Latino children than students of other races.

Last year, California passed a law that stopped state-funded centers from suspending or expelling children without going through a thorough process with families and a plan for addressing the behavior. Now the governor signed a law that attempts to offer more support by providing money for mental health consultants to work with teachers to identify and address behaviors.

Are you a teacher or parent who has personal experience with this issue? KPCC-LAist early childhood reporter Priska Neely is interested to hear from you. We’ll read every response, but nothing is shared without your permission.

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