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Eddie Woo: How Can Math Help Us Understand The Complexity Of The Universe?

Eddie Woo on the TED stage.
Eddie Woo on the TED stage.
Vincenzo Amato/TEDxSyd

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Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode Don't Fear Math.

About Eddie Woo's TED Talk

The world is full of recurring patterns based on math. Math teacher Eddie Woo explains why human beings are naturally drawn to patterns and how we can use math to engage with our complex world.

About Eddie Woo

A public high school teacher for more than 10 years, Eddie Woo gained international attention when he posted videos of his classroom lessons online to assist an ill student. His YouTube channel, WooTube, now has more than 500,000 subscribers and over 29 million views.

Woo is the author of Woo's Wonderful World Of Maths and currently teaches math and works as Leader of Mathematics Growth at Cherrybrook Technology High School in Sydney, Australia.

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