These 5 bills before California lawmakers seek to expand health coverage, lower costs

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Early this month, advocates of moving California to a single-payer health care system renewed their push in Sacramento. Hundreds of them crowded into a hearing of a special state Assembly committee that's exploring whether and how to bring universal health care to the state.

Many of the presenters at the final hearing expressed support for the concept of single-payer, but didn’t agree that the single-payer bill (SB562) shelved in the Assembly last year has enough detail to get California there in the next few years. Some key groups and lawmakers are looking at a more gradual, incremental approach. 

Some bills have already been introduced. Advocates are working on other new legislation. Many of these ideas focus on protecting California’s expansion of health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

5 bills in the legislature:

Ideas that may take bill form soon:

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