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More than half of Vegas shooting victims had ties to Southern California

Southern California bore a heavy toll in Sunday's Las Vegas shooting with more than half of the victims hailing from the Southland.

The Clark County Coroner's office late Thursday released the names of the 58 victims killed. Thirty-one lived, worked or had strong ties to Southern California.

Many of the victims were country music fans drawn to the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The open air concert was located below the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where law enforcement authorities say gunman Stephen Paddock shot at attendees from the 32nd floor. Authorities said he then took his own life.

The large number of people from SoCal who were killed exceeds expectations, given Las Vegas tourism numbers, which indicate 27 percent of its visitors are from this region.

The family of all 58 victims have been notified of the deaths, Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said at a Thursday press conference.

The list of victims reflects the diversity of Southern California. Some served in law enforcement, taught special education students and kindergarteners, worked at Disneyland and in offices, and others attended college. They were white, black, Latino and Asian. Some were young and others older.

Below is the full list of 58 victims. Any Southern California ties have been indicated in the far-right column.

Name Age G​ender Residence
​Ahlers, Hannah Lassette 34 ​Female Beaumont, CA
​Alvarado, Heather Lorraine 35 ​Female  
​Anderson, Dorene 49 ​Female  
​Barnette, Carrie Rae 34 ​Female Garden Grove, CA
​Beaton, Jack Reginald 54 ​Male  
​Berger, Stephen Richard 44 ​Male  
​Bowers, Candice Ryan 40 ​Female Garden Grove, CA
Burditus, Denise​ 50 ​Female  
​Casey, Sandra 34 ​Female Manhattan Beach, CA
​Castilla, Andrea Lee Anna 28 ​Female Huntington Beach, CA
​Cohen, Denise 58 ​Female Carpinteria, CA
​Davis, Austin William 29 ​Male Riverside, CA
​Day Jr., Thomas 54 ​Male Corona, CA
​Duarte, Christiana 22 ​​Female Redondo Beach, CA
​Etcheber, Stacee Ann 50 ​Female  
​Fraser, Brian S. 39 ​Male La Palma, CA
​Galvan, Keri 31 ​Female Thousand Oaks, CA
​Gardner, Dana Leann 52 ​Female Grand Terrace, CA
​Gomez, Angela C. 20 ​Female Riverside, CA
​Guillen, Rocio 40 ​Female Eastvale, CA
​Hartfield, Charleston 34 ​Male Las Vegas (grew up in Los Angeles)
Hazencomb, Christopher 44 ​Male Camarillo, CA
​Irvine, Jennifer Topaz 42 ​Female San Diego, CA
​Kimura, Teresa Nicol 38 ​Female Placentia, CA
​Klymchuk, Jessica 34 ​Female  
​Kreibaum, Carly Anne 33 ​Female  
​LeRocque, Rhonda M. 42 ​Female  
​Link, Victor L. 55 ​Male Aliso Viejo, CA
​Mclldoon, Jordan 23 ​Male  
​Meadows, Kelsey Breanne 28 ​Female  
Medig, Calla-Mar​ie 28 Female  
​​​Melton, James 29 Male  
​Mestas, Patricia 67 ​Female Menifee, CA
​Meyer, Austin Cooper 24 ​Male  
​​Murfitt, Adrian Allan 35 Male  
​​Parker, Rachael Kathleen 33 Female Manhattan Beach, CA
​Parks, Jennifer 36 Female Palmdale, CA
​Parsons, Carolyn Lee 31 Female  
​Patterson, Lisa Marie 46 Female Lomita, CA
​Phippen, John Joseph 56 ​​Male Santa Clarita, CA
​Ramirez, Melissa V. 26 ​Female Littlerock, CA
Rivera, Jordyn N. 21 Female La Verne, CA
​​Robbins, Quinton 20 ​Male  
​Robinson, Cameron​ 28 Male  
​​Roe, Tara Ann 34 Female  
Romero-Muniz, Lisa 48 ​Female  
​Roybal, Christopher Louis 28 Male Denver (native of Corona, CA)
​Schwanbeck, Brett 61 Male​  
​Schweitzer, Bailey 20 Female  
​Shipp, Laura Anne 50 ​Female Las Vegas (formerly Thousand Oaks, CA)
​Silva, Erick​ 21 Male  
​Smith, Susan 53 ​Female Simi Valley, CA
Stewart, Brennan Lee 30 ​Male  
​Taylor, Derrick Dean 56 Male Oxnard, CA
​Tonks, Neysa C. 46 Female  
​​Vo, Michelle 32 Female Los Angeles, CA
Von Tillow, Kurt Allen 55 ​Male  
​Wolfe Jr., William W. 42 ​Male  

(Source: Clarke County Coroner. Location information confirmed directly by KPCC, the Associated Press or via multiple media reports.)