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Fontana's new pot regulations challenged in lawsuit

File: A marijuana bud displayed in Denver.
File: A marijuana bud displayed in Denver.
Seth McConnell/The Denver Post/Getty Images

Fontana's new marijuana regulations are being challenged. A lawsuit filed this week says the San Bernardino County city's recent ordinance isn't designed to regulate cultivation — it's meant to stop it.

Jolene Forman, a staff attorney for the Drug Policy Alliance, told KPCC the city's ordinance violates Proposition 64.

"The city council made no secrets of the fact that the real purpose of this ordinance is to make it harder for residents to grow marijuana," Forman said. "And the goal of this ordinance was to create permitting process so prohibitively difficult and expensive that practically no one would apply."

Under Fontana's ordinance, anyone who wants to grow cannabis at home would first need to pay more than $400 for a permit. They'd also be required to submit to a background check and pay for a search of their home.

Prop 64 passed in November. It allows individuals to grow up to six pot plants at home for personal use. It also allows local governments to enact "reasonable" regulations regarding this kind of cultivation, according to the legislation.