More LA apartment buildings will be able to recycle

Recycling bins.
Recycling bins.
Dano / Flickr

Not all apartment buildings in Los Angeles offer recycling to their residents, but the number is about to increase.

The city will introduce RecycLA, a new recycling program, Monday.

The goal is to bring recycling services to more residential and commercial buildings in L.A. The city estimates that only one in five large apartment and commercial properties currently have access to recycling. 
Heather Repenning, vice president of L.A.'s Board of Public Works, says the program has other benefits.
"We're reducing truck trips, which is going to improve air quality and reduce wear and tear on our roads. The contracts that we have with the haulers are actually requiring them to use clean air vehicles so the types of trucks they're using are going to be better for the environment," she tells KPCC.
RecycLA is part of a larger plan to divert 90 percent of L.A.'s waste from landfills and into other uses by 2025.