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​Police kill 2 dogs attacking man near Skid Row

Police shot and killed two dogs who were attacking a man in downtown L.A. near Skid Row on Wednesday morning.

The Los Angeles Police Department told KPCC the victim was walking his dog when he was attacked by three off-leash pit bulls.

When police arrived, they saw the dogs attacking the man and fired their weapons, according to an LAPD spokesperson. Two dogs were killed at the scene, while one was transported to a veterinarian by L.A. Animal Services. 

Lieutenant Chris Ramirez told NBC4 the man attempted to ward off the pit bulls and kept receiving multiple bites by the dogs. 

"As the officers see this they draw their service weapons and shot," he said. 

The dogs were not strays, according to NBC4. 

The man's dog died from the pit bull attack, according to LAPD, and the man was taken to a hospital to be treated for bite wounds.