UC regent apologizes for sexually offensive remark to worker

Photo by Greig Christie via Flickr Creative Commons

A University of California regent has apologized to a former employee for asking to hold her breasts while she taped a bra commercial.

The Los Angeles Times reports Wednesday that Regent Norman J. Pattiz said he "deeply regrets" the comments and won't repeat such behavior.

Pattiz is chairman of the Courtside Entertainment Group, which produces radio shows and podcasts.

Among them was "Juicy Scoop," hosted by comedian Heather McDonald. She aired Pattiz's comments on her podcast last week.

McDonald had been taping a commercial for a memory-foam bra in May when Pattiz entered the room.

After flubbing her lines, Pattiz said, "Can I hold your breasts? Would that help?" and showed his hands, saying, "These are memory foam."

McDonald told the newspaper: "Sexual harassment is not a joke."

UC officials declined to comment.