Last Chance: 5 ways to enjoy the final weekend of the LA County Fair

The Ferris wheel at the L.A. County Fair, lit up at night.
The Ferris wheel at the L.A. County Fair, lit up at night.
Jeremiah Tran via Flickr Creative Commons

The final weekend of the 94th L.A. County Fair is here. That means it's your last chance to stuff your face with deep-fried guacamole balls and bacon smores. Your last chance to watch the pig races and see cute baby animals. Your last chance to slide down ice hills and skate in a pop-up ice rink until the winter holiday season. Your last chance to see the fair's 35 animatronic dinosaurs. This weekend's musical lineup features LeAnn Rimes on Saturday and Chicago on Sunday.

When you think of the L.A. County Fair, you probably think deep-fried food, farm animals and the ferris wheel. You probably aren't thinking about ice skating, especially during what's often the hottest month of the year. But this year you can cool down at the fair's new attraction, the Igloo.

The frosty retreat — along with an animatronic dinosaur display and an exhibit about human anatomy — are the special attractions the 2016 L.A. County Fair, which opened Friday.

“With the weather looking to be really nice this weekend, we’re expecting a huge crowd," fair spokesperson Renee Hernandez tells KPCC. "It’s always kind of hard to gauge, but when the weather is good, historically, our opening weekends are fantastic."

Here are the highlights from this year's fair, which will be open through September 25. 

1. Jurassic Planet


Visit 35 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs at this season's fair. Tickets to the display cost $5, on top of fair admission. "They roar, they move and they look very real," Hernandez says. Let's hope the dinos don't try to escape their exhibit for a fried Twinkie. 

2. The Igloo

If you've ever skipped the fair because September is one of SoCal's sweatiest months, this may be your year. When you're irritated that the sun is beating down, pretend it's winter and head to the the fair's ice skating and sledding station. Cost: $5 for unlimited skating after fair admission.

3. "Our Body" human anatomy exhibit

Want to see what lies beneath the skin? Explore the muscles, tissues, organs and bones that make up the human form. This popular exhibition has toured a number of museums and now it comes to the county fair in all its fascinating, gory glory. Cost: $5 after fair admission. 

4. The Farm

It's not just about the pig races and adorable baby animals. Come out to the Farm and you'll see all sorts of crops. Learn about fruit and veg like chiles and tomatoes — the different varieties, the best time to plant them and more. You can also attend seminars and learn how to grow your own garden, and even if you live in an apartment or have a small yard.

5. Food Drive Friday

Want to save cash and do something good at the same time? Go to the fair between noon and 5 p.m. on Fridays to enter for the price of just five cans of food. Going earlier in the day should also help you beat the crowds. Hernandez says mornings and early evening are both good times to arrive if you want to avoid much of the fair's congestion. 

During Labor Day weekend, the fair will be open from noon to midnight Friday, 10 a.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday. To see the rest of the season's hours, visit the L.A. County Fair website