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E3 in Los Angeles: Here's everything you can watch from home from the mega video game conference

File: Game enthusiasts test the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus at the annual gaming industry conference E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 16, 2015.
File: Game enthusiasts test the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus at the annual gaming industry conference E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 16, 2015.
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E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the annual event where the video game industry shows off its latest and greatest. It runs through Thursday, but unfortunately for most of the public, badges to get inside are restricted to industry insiders and media. There was some hope this year with the announcement of a first-ever companion event for the wider public, E3 Live, but tickets quickly sold out.

Still, there's a lot to see coming out of E3; here's what you have access to online, as well as some of the other live events you may still be able to attend.

The big announcements

Major game console companies hold pre-E3 press conferences each year, as do some of the biggest video game companies — though Electronic Arts is holding its own event open to the public.

Here's the schedule of the conferences  where the biggest announcements are expected to take place, what they're expected to preview and where to watch.

Electronic Arts, Sunday 1 p.m.

Electronic Arts was expected to feature "Titanfall 2," "Battlefield 1" and the latest EA Sports games. "Battlefield 1" is an attempt to inject new life into the Battlefield series, the first time the series has tackled World War I and one of the few games to do so. They may also show something from the reboot of the Mass Effect series, "Mass Effect: Andromeda." They're also holding a fan event with playable games outside of E3 itself, open to the public starting on Sunday, but tickets could be hard to come by.

Bethesda, Sunday 7 p.m.

We're expected to find out more about "Dishonored 2" at E3. Bethesda's the publisher behind iconic series such as "Fallout" and "The Elder Scrolls" (including the hit "Skyrim"), with a reputation for creating deep worlds that players can get lost in. They're also the team behind the modern reinventions of first-person shooter classics like  "Doom" and "Wolfenstein."

Microsoft Xbox One, Monday 9 a.m.

Microsoft is likely to preview new changes to its hardware, including new ways their Xbox One gaming system and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will work together.

Microsoft is also expected to preview its gritty new game "Gears of War 4." An Xbox FanFest is being held from Monday through Wednesday, but it's restricted to 500 fans. Those tickets are being made available Saturday, June 11 at the Microsoft store at Westfield Century City.

PC gaming show, Monday 11:30 a.m.

Ubisoft, Monday 1 p.m.

Ubisoft is likely preview its biggest upcoming game, "Watch Dogs 2." Fans are hoping it will fulfill the company's promise to create a fully interactive city; that wasn't quite delivered in the previous version of the game.

The sword-fighting game "For Honor" and the latest from their Tom Clancy series, "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands" are also much-anticipated. Ubisoft will hold its own open-to-the-public event on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ubisoft Lounge, where fans will be able to play the latest games.

Sony PlayStation, Monday 6 p.m.

Sony is expected to debut a new, more powerful version of the PlayStation 4. It's part of a trend toward iterating video game consoles and tweaking them to be better, rather than releasing an entirely new system. In the future, games are expected to be compatible both with current PS4s and more powerful systems. We'll also likely see Sony making more announcements about virtual reality and how will become a part of our gaming worlds.

One of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives is "The Last Guardian." They showed off footage at last year's E3, but the latest in the legendary puzzle-solving/ fighting series still has no firm release date. Also, nothing official has been said, but with the 20th anniversary of the "Tomb Raider" series this year, some expect an announcement of something new in that franchise.

Nintendo, Tuesday 9 a.m.

Nintendo's big game this year is the long in development new version of "The Legend of Zelda," which is set to be made available for both Wii U and their new system in development, codenamed NX.

The company is forgoing the usual pre-E3 press conference, scaling down their announcements and focusing on streaming online gameplay video all day Tuesday. They'll also be showing off the latest in the Pokemon series.

What else is going on?

YouTube Live is hosting live coverage of E3 that you can watch here:

YouTube Live coverage

Popular gaming streaming service Twitch is also hosting live coverage starting Monday morning. Twitch is the service also hosting most of those press conferences. They'll be providing wall-to-wall E3 coverage if you aren't lucky enough to be at E3 or any of the other offsite events.