LACMA's 'Urban Light' is about to go semi-dark: 7 other places to snap an en'light'ening selfie

UL nite

We've known it's been coming for a month, the partial dimming of LACMA's luminous outdoor installation, "Urban Light." For six to eight weeks beginning May 2, the sculpture's 202 light poles will be repaired and repainted, which means only half of Chris Burden's iconic sculpture will be illuminated every night.

For the Miracle Museum's popular — and free — attraction, it's some much needed rehab. For young lovers, bands, tourists, budding video auteurs and professional photographers, it's a serious crimp in their selfie style.

With Los Angeles's #1 selfie spot about to go semi-dark, where can Angelenos turn for a glowing, hyperlocal selfie?


There are other spots on the museum's campus where you can score a cool shot. Levitated Mass, a 340-ton boulder (technically, it's a sculpture) installed on the back lawn, is a free option. If "The Rock" doesn't wow you, book a ticket to the Rain Room, a chamber where water perpetually falls, except where a human body is detected. The installation is closed for maintenance until May 19, when it will reopen for a limited engagement. 

rain room girls

2. The Broad

The white, honeycombed exterior of the downtown museum seems like it was made for selfies — and doesn't require booking tickets (unless you want to go inside). But if you go inside, the must-have selfie is a shot from Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room.

mirrored room

3. The Chandelier Tree

Located at 2811 W. Silver Lake Drive in front of a private home, this huge tree has been adorned with dozens of chandeliers that make a perfect nighttime backdrop. No wonder it has its own Yelp page

chandelier tree

4. Grand Park

After dark, the fountain in this downtown park is a rainbow of gorgeous colors.

grand park fountain

5. Griffith Observatory

The city lights will all be below you when you reach the top of Mount Hollywood.


6. Santa Monica Pier

There's plenty of eye candy here, especially the 130-foot high Ferris. (Update: The Ferris wheel's lights will be dimmed during the month of May for a revamp.)

ferris wheel

7. A downtown rooftop

We're partial to the one at the Ace Hotel because of the vintage neon "Jesus Saves" sign across the way but Perch also offers great views. So do tons of other buildings. It just depends which ones you can access.

ace hotel

Updated: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that "Urban Light" would be dimmed during the renovation period. Only half of the installation will be dimmed.