CSUN calls for improvements to San Fernando Valley's public transit

File: Gold Line at Union Station.
File: Gold Line at Union Station.
Todd Johnson/KPCC

Cal State Northridge officials and state Senator Robert Hertzberg are calling for improvements to public transit for students and residents of San Fernando Valley, in particular arguing that the university should be at the heart of the system.

CSUN President Dianne Harrison said the campus community currently faces a number of transportation challenges, including long commute times, carbon emissions from more than 200,000 single-passenger cars per week and street parking that congests the neighborhood.

Harrison laid out the new proposal Monday at a press conference, identifying six key priorities that would improve the state of the transit system for CSUN and the rest of the valley. 

Those priorities are:

  1. To create a Bus Rapid Transit Service from the CSUN Transit Center to the proposed East Valley Transit Corridor rail system via Nordhoff Street, providing transit options for a large number of students living in the east valley.
  2. Provide Rapid Line Service from CSUN Transit Center to Warner Center. 
  3. Provide Bus Rapid Transit Service between the Metro Orange Line and the CSUN Transit Center.
  4. Enhance local bus service and schedules to serve students, faculty and staff living within 10 miles of CSUN. 
  5. Improve the CSUN Transit Center to act as a regional transit hub.
  6. Relocate Northridge MetroLink Station to Reseda Boulevard at Parthenia Street.
A map corresponding to the priorities outlined to improve the San Fernando Valley's transit system.
A map corresponding to the priorities outlined to improve the San Fernando Valley's transit system.





Jorge Reyes, president of CSUN Associated Students, said that sometimes he has to take an Uber home from his night class since there are no buses running when he leaves school. He said that accessibility for students is the biggest necessity when it comes to improving the transit system. 

"We hope to see greater solutions when it comes to this issue," Reyes said. "Hopefully a more user-friendly system where students don't look at public transportation as something intimidating." 

Hertzberg is hosting a community summit at 6 p.m. Thursday at the CSUN Grand Salon. Reyes said Associated Students has allocated $600 for students who attend the summit to take Uber cars home so they can share their voice without worrying about catching the next bus.