LAUSD partners with app to connect students with health clinics

LAUSD has partnered with Healthvana to promote an app that points students to health clinics.
LAUSD has partnered with Healthvana to promote an app that points students to health clinics.
Photo by tyle_r via Flickr Creative Commons

In a world where everything from reading books to dating can be done online, Healthvana is now making HIV and STD testing digital with an app — and it is LAUSD approved.

LAUSD has partnered with Healthvana to put posters in high school health classes that point students to an app that connects students to pre-screened, "youth-friendly" clinics. 

“Our goal is to provide the best referral systems with the best innovative technology to get the kids in the door as soon as possible," said Timothy Kordic, program manager at LAUSD’s health education office’s HIV prevention unit. "What better way than what they have on their body at all times, which is pretty much their cellphone.” 

Kordic said that LAUSD has had an ongoing relationship with Healthvana for a number of years, and feels certain the company is a trusted resource.

Sometimes clinics seem to have the services youth are looking for, but then it turns out not to be the case, Kordic said. Healthvana's app tailors its results to youth looking for safe places to tend to their sexual health. 

“Once youth have a barrier many times they just drop out of that,” Kordic said. He said Healthvana helps to eliminate any possible barriers between youth and their sexual health, be the issue be paperwork or comfortability. 

Healthvana's app allows allows for appointments, registration and test results all to be delivered via smartphone. 


The app is also known for pairing up with popular dating app Tinder, to give users a resource to get checked for STDs, Time reported

A 2013 article on Mashable referred to a Pew Research Center study that noted that 17 percent of teenagers have explored the Internet to learn about sensitive topics that include sexual health. An examination of teenage tech-use habits in 2015 also notes that 73 percent of teens have access to smartphones.