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Officer Involved: Shooting data for cops in LA County available for download

Photo by Steven Bevacqua via Flickr Creative Commons

Data from KPCC's investigation into police shootings in Los Angeles County is now publicly available. The station has released detailed information regarding the circumstances of each incident, such as whether a person was armed, showed signs of mental illness or was fleeing officers. 

KPCC created the unique dataset of officer-involved shootings in Southern California by compiling information from Los Angeles County District attorney narrative summaries for our series "Officer Involved". The data covers five years, from January 1 2010 through December 31, 2014, in which at least 375 people were shot. Some cases are still pending so records were not provided.

KPCC found one in four people shot was unarmed, and police killed black people at triple the rate of white people and Latinos, relative to population size. 

At least 41 of those shot showed signs of mental illness

The data includes a selection of fields created KPCC, which plans to make more raw figures publicly available as reporting continues. 

You can use our application to explore the data or download the data set.