Natural gas leak uncontained outside Los Angeles for 3 weeks

Workers are trying to stop a three-week-old leak from a massive underground natural gas well on the outskirts of Los Angeles that has nearby residents concerned for their safety and annoyed by the unpleasant smell.

The Southern California Gas Co. says crews were preparing Friday to pump fluids to stop the leak that was detected Oct. 23.

The utility says the rare leak does not pose a threat to public health, though some residents say the stink is making them nauseous.

Porter Ranch resident Laura Gideon says she feels sick and is not letting her children play outdoors. Her teenage son has had several nose bleeds recently.

The company says the smell is from the additive used to make the odorless gas detectable, and the gas is mostly dissipating.

You can read more of the background in the below document, released by SoCal Gas.