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Metro touts LA transit connection to new Missy Elliott track

A screenshot from Missy Elliott's new single
A screenshot from Missy Elliott's new single "WTF (Where They From)" featuring Pharrell Williams. Metro says the background depicted is from an L.A. subway station. WARNING: Some language in the video may be offensive.
Atlantic Records (via YouTube)

Metro took a ride on the coattails of Missy Elliott Thursday after the rapper released her latest video, which uses a downtown's Pershing Square Station as its backdrop — along other areas of L.A.

Elliot's new track, "WTF (Where They From)," debuted with a shiny new music video that features dancers decked out in what Rolling Stone calls a "retro-futuristic" wardrobe, along with puppets — yes, puppets, including one of guest artist Pharrell Williams — dancing and rhyming for tips in downtown's jewelry district. 

The video tops a Metro Source blog post, along with a caption:

"The subway gets a cameo in the new Missy Elliott video. Click above to watch. Mandatory warning: some adultish language of the hip-hop variety. The puppets are kind of cool."

The post goes on to round up other news items, including an arrest in the recent fatal stabbing of a bus passenger, delays and news costs of up to $130 million for the Regional Connector project and the county's first bike share program rollout in Santa Monica.

The L.A. Times' assessment: the video "sees Elliott turn the streets of Los Angeles into a surreal playground for herself and a crew of dancers."

According to Rolling Stone, the track is from Elliot's first solo album in a decade. You can see the video above. Please be warned of the aforementioned adultish language.  

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