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Heat wave: Temperatures continue to rise throughout Southern California

Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

As temperatures are expected to sore on Thursday, the heat has already gone over the century mark in some locations.

The rise in heat could already be felt in some desert locations Wednesday, said Robbie Munroe, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Both Palmdale and Lancaster had highs over 100 degrees.

Outside of desert areas, temperatures could be felt in the 90s. Downtown Los Angeles was 92 degrees. Burbank and Northridge were in the upper 90s. 

"It's certainly above average," Munroe said. "I wouldn't necessarily call it unusual though." 

What is unusual about the upcoming heat wave is how warm it is closer to the coast, Munroe said. "It's certainly cooler right at the coast, but you don't have to go too far inland to warm up pretty quickly," he said. 

Thursday and Friday are predicted to be the warmest. There is some fire danger in areas around SoCal due to the increased humidity.