Another video, new angle surfaces in Venice pier lifeguard attack

Witnesses captured a video of the attack.
Witnesses captured a video of the attack.
NBC Los Angeles

A new video has surfaced that may lead to new leads on the altercation that happened between three people and a lifeguard on Venice Beach on Thursday.

Lifeguards are still working with local law enforcement agencies to gather more information, said Kenichi Haskett, captain with the lifeguard division. The fight allegedly began after someone threw a lit cigarette into a lifeguard tower. 

NBC L.A. reports that the new video contains evidence that was not captured by a previous video recorded with a cell phone:

"A Las Vegas resident who visited the beach Thursday provided video to NBC4 that appears to show the lifeguard pouring a bucket of water onto the woman's head, which was not captured in previous videos of the altercation. "

"We'll continue with both local law enforcement and our own internal performance and professional standards bureau to come out with an official statement," Haskett said.

Haskett refrained from commenting further on the video.