#LArain: Show us your SoCal storm pics!

Photo by Frédéric Poirot via Flickr Creative Commons

Storm's a-comin' — in fact, the moisture is already here. Tropical Cyclone Dolores started to pass through and drench SoCal with much needed rain. This is expected to continue through Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. 

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And remember: It could bring thunderstorms and lightning to beach areas. That's why the NWS has issued a beach hazard warning. And this means if you're going to the beach this weekend, be prepared to seek safe shelter if a thunderstorm approaches.

That being said, rain is so rare for us Angelenos that we love to snap pics when it happens. Got a great pic of the #LArain? Share with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #LArain and tagging us @kpcc. In the meantime, here's what your neighbors like to do during wet weather. 

#LArain: Things Angelenos do when it rains