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California deputy police chief resigns amid drug charges

File photo: Fresno police cars.
File photo: Fresno police cars.
Joe Green via Flickr

A deputy police chief in California has resigned amid federal drug charges, including conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and heroin.

The Fresno Bee reported Friday that Deputy Chief Keith Foster's retired from the Fresno Police Department, rather than being forced to give a statement, or be fired for failing to do so. He was among six people arrested last week ending a yearlong investigation.

The 51-year-old Foster has pleaded not guilty, and he remains free while the case plays out.

Foster's attorney, E. Marshall Hodgkins, says his client resigned, feeling that he couldn't be effective, even if he is ultimately exonerated.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says he will use insights that his investigators and FBI take from the case to reform the department so it doesn't repeat such embarrassments.