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LADWP video promotes water conservation with humor

A humorous video encouraging Angelenos to conserve water.
A humorous video encouraging Angelenos to conserve water.
The Bay Foundation (via YouTube)

California's historic drought is showing no signs of easing up. 

The city of Los Angeles is drafting a new plan to use more local water sources by capturing stormwater throughout the L.A. basin. And Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday proposed legislation to accelerate more than $1 billion in drought-relief bond spending as we cope with a fourth dry year.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has teamed up with the Bay Foundation to educate the public through a humorous PSA. It reminds Angelenos to conserve by emphasizing the fact that half of L.A.'s drinking water is used for landscaping.

"Techniques such as rainwater harvesting with rain barrels, cisterns and curb cuts, as well as reducing excessive water use and planting native vegetation are only a few of many solutions," said Julie Du Brow with the Bay Foundation.

The legislation proposed Thursday includes two bills that would provide some funding for immediate aid to communities facing dire water shortages and unemployment. 

For tips on conserving water, energy and money, you can visit LADWP’s rebate center here. 

This video was the second of three PSAs produced by the Bay Foundation through an LADWP Community Outreach grant. 

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