Motorcycle crash victim meets donors whose blood saved him

A passing motorcyclist.
A passing motorcyclist.
Michael Daines via Flickr

 Brandon Levine exchanged handshakes and hugs with nearly two dozen of his closest blood brothers and sisters this week, people he'd never met but knew had savedhis life.

Doctors say the 40-year-old Internet executive would have died in a motorcycle crash last year had it not been for nearly 200 people who donated 170 units of blood to keep him alive.

On Friday, Levine had a heartfelt union at the University of California, Los Angeles' faculty center with 19 of the donors. Also on hand were several doctors and other hospital personnel.

Levine, choking up, praised them for giving him what he called "one of the most selfless, gracious gifts you could give to anybody."

He says he plans to become a donor himself.

Levine no longer rides motorcycles.