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Rain barrels: Los Angeles 'sold out' until January, but you can buy one with a $100 rebate.

Photo by Susy Morris via Flickr Creative Commons

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Thursday that while the 1,000 free rain barrels made available Monday have long since "sold out," according to a press release, 400 more will be made available in January and the rebate if you buy your own is $100. The mayor's office says in the release that the rebate should cover most if not all the cost of getting your own rain barrel; it's also up from the $75 rebate previously offered.

"It’s tremendous to see Angelenos respond so strongly to our call for action against the drought," Garcetti said in the press release. "Using rainwater to water your yard lowers your water bill and helps conserve our drinking water supply."

Garcetti's building on a directive he issued last month to reduce water use amidst California's drought through encouraging people to collect rainwater in a rain barrel to help water people's plants and lawns.

You can look into getting your own rain barrel rebate here, and read more about getting your own rain barrel in our FAQ.