Metro Gold Line resumes service between Chinatown and Highland Park stations

A Metro Gold Line train passes through the South Pasadena station.
A Metro Gold Line train passes through the South Pasadena station.
Shirley Jahad

The Metro Gold Line resumed normal operations this afternoon after the agency was forced to suspend operations between downtown and stations further north earlier today, according to Metro authorities.

The delays were caused by an ongoing power issue near Southwest Museum station stop, according to a statement by the agency. Part of the line’s overhead power supply was damaged, which required the temporary suspension of the Gold Line service between Highland Park and Chinatown Station. The cause of the power damage remains under investigation.

Lines near the Southwest Museum station stop were reported damaged at 11:30 a.m. Monday morning, Metro said: 

All trains are currently returning north to Sierra Madre Villa at Highland Park Station, and south to Union Station/East LA at Chinatown. Metro is providing shuttle buses to replace Gold Line service between Chinatown and Highland Park. Delays may continue throughout evening rush hour.

The agency had said the delays could affect rush hour traffic between Pasadena and downtown L.A.

Metro Gold Line has an average daily ridership of about  40,000, according to Metro

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